Aim of the Organization:


a. Establishing School, College, University and Consultancy Centers for the distressed people.

b. Founding Technical School & College

c. Forming Training Institute

d. To create Job Search Web-site making & operating .


a. To establish a complete library collecting research letter & books from over the world.

b. To open branches of this library different useful places over the country.

c. To disseminate/ supply books to different educational institutes, other libraries, social centers


a. Publishing books, newspaper, leaflets and posters for social awareness.

b. Organizing seminar, round-table meeting and exhibition for mankind & social awareness.


a. To establish and operate clinic, hospitals & service centers for the poorest people of society for ensuring health servicing.

b. To ensure financial supports for those volunteer health organizations.

c. Awareness programs for protecting HIV/ AIDS.

d. Awareness programs against smoking cigarettes and drugs.


a. To organize prize giving ceremony for the brave journalists, columnists, writers, poet-novelists and special personalities who did a wonderful jobs for the mankind and social development.


a. This organization will work always for the national benefit and development along with the government in all aspects as a non-political organization.